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Sauer's Apron (APRON1) NEW!

Sauer's Apron This smart, fullsize apron made of heavy canvas is great for outdoor grilling. The convenient front-side pocket is great for carrying your grilling spices out to the grill.

Sauer's Logo Baseball Cap (SAUCAP) NEW!

Sauer's Logo Baseball Cap

Sauer's Logo Polo Shirt (Burgundy) (SPOLO1) NEW!

Sauer's Logo Polo Shirt (Burgundy) Size:

Sauer's Shopping Bag (BAG1)

Sauer's Shopping Bag This sturdy, reusable tote is perfect for those quick trips to the grocery store.

Sauer's Spice Rack with Spices (RACK1)

Sauer's Spice Rack with Spices We have selected 11 must-have items for any cook’s kitchen and offer them to you handsomely displayed in our wooden C.F. Sauer spice rack. This combination of sweet and savory items is perfect for holiday gift giving as it satisfies both baking and cooking needs. Items include two tins of ground black pepper, basil leaves, bay leaves, cinnamon, cinnamon sugar, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, oregano, paprika and red pepper.

Sauer's Spice Rack without Spices (RACK2)

Sauer's Spice Rack without Spices Fill this handsome, wooden, collectible C.F. Sauer spice rack with your own selection of assorted Sauer’s herbs & spices. This item DOES NOT INCLUDE spices.

Sauer's Tervis® Tumbler (single) (STUMBL1) NEW!

Sauer's Tervis® Tumbler (single) Each 16 oz. plastic Tervis® Tumbler is customized with the Sauer's logo. It is designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot with less condensation and no rings left behind. Dishwasher safe.